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The first thing Sarahwah remembers is that her village is razed to the ground and she is on her own.

In the jungles of northern Borneo, pirates decimate villages, and head hunters roam the jungles. Everyone lives in fear for their lives.

As a young orphaned child Sarahwa has to learn to survive in the jungle. She finds and befriends the Paitan people who take her in as one of their own. She never knew what happened to her family and believes them to be dead.

Sarahwah plans to give back to her motherland what the pirates took - lives, families and villages. One day she meets Captain James Rennel, of East India trading company deployed to Brunei to put an end to Piracy.

When their destiny's align and their passions ignite, an epic story ensures of two kindred souls on an adventure of love, loss, travel, passion, civil war, and piracy. 


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Sarahwah woke abruptly. Steel was clanging, children were crying. Women’s screams and men’s shouts were piercing the crisp, still, early morning air. She sat upright and looked quickly around her hut – no one was here. Where was her family? Something is horribly wrong. She peeks through the reed walls of her hut and sees what is going on outside. Who are those strange men?

With her cheeks wet with tears and shuddering with shock, she peeks out of their hut. Her young child eyes watch her village being pillaged and burnt before her eyes. She doesn’t understand but she knows her family is missing and she is alone. She wants her mother. Now she can smell something strong. It comes with thick smoke and she coughs, and covers her mouth with her hand.

She huddles against the wall coughing and looks around her families hut. Their modest possessions leant against the back wall; their reed bed mat’s lay on the floor, empty and cold. Their hut was still untouched as its near the back of the village and the fire and the raiders hadn’t gotten this far yet. But it would not be safe for long. She can hear the havoc slowly coming closer.

The chaos outside continues to play out – she watches again through the whole in the wall, too stricken to look away. Some huts at the far end of the village are already razed to the ground. A raider is dragging some of the woman by their hair and pushing them roughly into a pile under the village shade tree and tying their hands behind them with rope. The men of her village who are still free are trying to fight back and defend their families - they are brandishing their weapons bravely but unfortunately bamboo pistols and poison sticks are not effective against steel pirate swords.

Sarahwah wouldn’t know this until many years later, but many villages and many innocent people in this part of Borneo would fall this day as a result of pirating.

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