The Lost Island


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Chapter 1

 I stand, looking at the war's damage. I hear the soft calm breathing of my mother. She slowly puts her chilled hand onto my shoulder. She slowly exhales, and inhales very loudly. 

I hear the thumping of my father's boots tapping the rough floor. There it was, the peace I had always wished for until I hear the blasts of bombs and gun shots that slowly break away the peace I was enjoying. As the violence proceeds, my father pats me on the shoulder which I know he wants me inside.

 I walk in the little door way leading to my feathered ragged bed. My fingers sink into the holes that gradually enlarged. As I lay, I hear the arguing of my parents as they want to move somewhere else instead of living in Germany. I hear the wiggling of my mother trying to get a comfortable position on the gravel. The screaming and shouting of children and adults is very painful. 

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Chapter 2

 I wake the next morning without my parents beside my gravel carpet. My eyes open suddenly with an eerie shine. I walk outside and peep through the holes of the rusty wood and see my mother crying with my father's head in her lap. I wear my sandals and run outside and she immediately stood and kissed my head, I hear the whisper in the middle of sobs saying I love you. I thought and thought and went to father. His eyes were rolled back and there was a big cut through his arm, leg and stomach. I finally knew he was gone. I tried to help my tears but they flood my eyes and splashed on to my cheek and rolled down. I ran to mother. She comforted me. I felt safe some how, but knew it wasn't safe anymore.

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Chapter 3

 Mother and I sobbed for days, I tried to be as strong as possible for Mother. Together we decided it would be best, if we move somewhere safer where I could walk on the road without worrying to be shot dead.

Days passed and we were ready, bags packed and travel brain switched on. This wasn't as easy as it seemed. Mother had grown weak and we had to stay with Aunty Robyn. Aunty Robyn really helped us through Father's death. She was also coming with us. We initially wanted to go to Australia but that was too far, we instead decided to go to London. Hopefully there, we will be safe.

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