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Gmail Account Login

Nowadays having an email account is vital. Anywhere you go, you will need it. It is the most efficient way you can be contacted. An email account is like your personal assistant, it keeps all your documents saved and let you send them efficiently.

It is necessary that you think of all the help an email account will bring to you. More than sending and receiving information is your personal address and your portfolio. It makes you be in contact with the world and beloved ones. To enjoy all these benefits, Gmail from Google is the best choice.

As mentioned before you will have the opportunity to manage lots of application with your Gmail account login – Blogger, Google analytics, Google Talk, Google drive, etc. Google is innovating day by day its services, with Gmail you will be part of this evolution.


gmail new account


Here are the steps to create a Gmail new account. Access to Gmail home page and click “create account.” Next, fill all the information required in the blanks. In here you will be asked to provide a username. Make sure to choose something you can remember since it will be your email address. Remember to add real information in case Google contact you to verify it.



Once you fill up all the obligatory information, it will be necessary to provide your existing email address. That is because Google will have how to contact you in case hacking problems or if you disremembered your password. Formerly, fill in the captchas, and agree to the terms of service.

If you want you can add a picture profile, but you can omit this step. Lastly, click “Get started” and you will have your new gmail account prepared to use it. Make sure to remember your password and address.


Gmail New Account

Having a mail account is more than having a tool for communication. It is your personal and private virtual address to keep in contact with the rest of the world. Taking into consideration the importance of an e-mail account, there are some facts that have to consider before open gmail new account.


gmail new account


First, you should think of the use for it. If you want it only for sending emails, or perhaps you need it to storage your personal documents among other important things.

Second, you should go for the one with the most secure servers. Remember that your mail account will be, in somehow, your personal assistant.

And Finally, You must look for the best company that offers the most complete e-mail services; of course that is Google with Gmail.

Gmail is not only a email account, with it, you can access to other services like, Google talk, Android account, Google drive, Google analytics, blogger, and a sort of applications that will be really useful for you.

It is pretty simple to create a Gmail account. You just need to follow some steps. Go to, then click “Create an account”.



Once you are there, fill all the information you are asked for. Here, you will need to write your username that will be your email address, be sure to remember it easily. Think of 5 or 6 alternative usernames since most of the time, the one we need is already taken.

After you finish all the required information, it is very important to provide your current email address, so that Google will contact you in case password or hack issues. Then, fill in the captchas, and agree to the terms of service.

You will be asked for adding a profile picture, but you can omit this step. Finally, click “Get started” and you are ready to manage your new Gmail account.

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