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Ten Steps To A Better Rewritten Article

►Read through the whole article in front of you. If necessary, think of putting two articles that talk about the same subject together. That way, you have a bit more content to play around

►Think of a headline for your new article. Read the title of a new article. Now remember that it should contain key keywords that you can easily find on Google. But it also has to go beyond it. For example, if your article is about Weight Loss, don't just put 'Weight Loss' in your headline. How about '5 Easy Steps To Weight Loss'? Now look at the way the new headline has been written. Every first letter of each word is a capital letter. (A tip: if you’re working on Word, go to Format>Change Case>Title Case)

►Now comes the biggest challenge. The introductory paragraph. Make it catchy, make it inviting so the reader will want to read on. All you need are two or three sentences that catch the attention. This is what sets the tone of your article. What you say can be taken from the original content. How you say it should be yours and yours alone. 

►Before you go into rewriting the rest of the article, here are a few things you could keep in mind. If you want to play it safe, stick with the classic 'essay' way of writing. This means you have a beginning, which is the Introduction, a Middle - which could be one paragraph or a few paragraphs and the Conclusion or the wrapping-up paragraph which makes the article complete.

►The beginning or the Introduction is what you need to spend a few minutes thinking about. This is what will draw the reader in or turn him away. Try and find what it is about the matter that will be most arresting and put that into the first few sentences to attract. The Middle or the Body will be the meat of the article - all the facts, in fact, the content you have before you, rewritten. Then comes the end or the Conclusion. Let your last sentence or two wrap it all up so the whole article seems complete.

►OK - now you've written your Introduction, it's time to do some rewriting. Remember that your article needs to be around 500 words. If you have just one article that you are rewriting from, you can start straight away. If it's two or more articles you are going to draw content from, here's what you do. Cut and paste the relevant portions in the order you want. Now this comes after the Introduction. Then you rewrite what you have in the order you have it in. 

►Write on top of each paragraph or couple of sentences. As soon as you are done, delete the original. Keep going till there is no original text left. Then, do one or two wrap-up lines of your own and there is your Conclusion. Hey Presto! Your article is done! 

►Now you might ask, how do you rewrite? Well, here are a few tips to get you started:

* change the Active Voice into the Passive Voice and vice versa.
 * any time you find it difficult to find different words that mean the same thing, look up the synonyms in Word. This is just to throw up alternative words and expressions when you're stuck!
 * try not to use more than 4 words from the original article at a time in the same order. 
 * if there are lists, mix them up - you'll find examples in the sample paragraphs we have done for you.

►If the article has to be keyword-rich, now is the time to check. Go over the article and see how you can substitute words there with the keywords you want to put in. Then run the article through a keyword analyzer tool. You will see what the percentage of keywords is in your article. (This is only if you are writing an article that has to be keyword-rich.)

►The last step and you simply must do this...... run your new article through a copy checker. Just in case there are too many similarities with anything on the Internet, change the words that are a problem around and try again and again and again till you get it right. You don't want your article to get rejected just because it happened to have a few sentences that were oh so similar to something else, would you?

Now does all that sound too difficult? It isn't actually! You get the hang of it and it should take you 20 to 30 minutes to churn out a spanking new article. (Provided of course that you have the language skills and we are taking that for granted here - and that you have the typing skills and we're taking that for granted too!)

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