The Statue And Daniel The Wise.


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The statue

To the wise God gives wisdom,to the discerning God gives knowledge.

King Nebuchadnezzar saw a statue in the dream.It puzzled him,for it was made of different minerals.The head was of gold,chest and arms of silver,body of bronze,the legs are of iron and the toes are of iron and clay.

This was the dream shown by God the almighty,The worlds kingdom,with different elements for different parts,are for a greater understanding for the kingdoms of the world.

The different elements used represents the nature of occurrences in different kingdoms.

The gold

The occurrence of gold in nature,first happens in the constellation.The supernova neutron stars collide with one another.During the collision,large amount of dust is evolved,these dusts as they are heavy sank deep in the core of the earth,from where they are extracted.

The head with gold represents the Babylonian kingdom,during which they ruled the whole world.

As a precious metal gold from olden days till date are a representation of great honour,sacred,wealth and pompous.

When Jesus was born,the wise men brought gold as symbol of represents the the rule of the whole world.

Jesus came to gain the whole world,by giving his life.As a myrrh he released his holy anointing and as a frankincense offered his body as an incense in the altar.

Occurrences in the kingdom according to bible were,Nebuchadnezzar  even though proved to be an idol worshipper,seeked after wisdom,God revealed it through his servants with amazing signs and wonder,the King himself declared the almighty God is the one and true God .

The silver

The occurrence of silver in nature,happens when the massive neutron stars during supernova activity,captures another massive neutron star.

Thirty pieces of silver was paid as a price to defy Jesus for judas.

The Persian kingdom was represented with the silver chest and arms.

The kingdom along with the King of Egypt ruled the world.

The chest or the thorax it occupies the main place in the organs.

It holds the main parts,heart and lungs,with it only life exists.

Bible depicts the main thing that happened in the Persian empire,where queen Esther ruled.

As the neutron star capture results in silver,it may seem that evil has captured the good,but Esther prayed and turn it to be a Purim,a life giving victorious event for godly people.It helps in the restoration ,like building the walls of the temple,godly works to start.

In Jesus life judas was given 30 silver pieces by the priests to capture  Jesus.The prayer by Jesus in the Gethsamanae made him to have a finished work in the cross as a saviour .it helps in the restoration of what Adam has lost in the garden.

The bronze

The occurrence of bronze on earth is by combination of copper and tin.Bronze is an alloy.copper is an naturally occurring element,it is totally recyclable without any occurs in the fusion action of huge massive stars.tin occurs as tin oxide.

When the people of those days looked for a harder metal,they found it by combining copper and tin.

The body of the statue is made of bronze.The body below the thorax is the energy house,which helps in the physical activity of the whole system.

The kingdom that ruled the earth was Greek kingdom,joined with the Egyptian King.

The kings of the Greek kingdom were known to have caused abomination inside the temple of God.

The first kingdom,the Babylonian kingdom,they took away the wise people and the vessels from the temple.One of the kings defiled the vessels,by using the vessels In their feasts,God struck him to death.

The third Greek kingdom they did the worst by defiling the temple and causing the disgusting abomination.They sacrificed pig on the altar and sprinkled its blood.

The armour of Goliath were fully made of bronze.A pebble stone from a boy was enough to put down the bronze giant.

Num:21-9 Moses made a bronze snake and lifted up on a pole in the wilderness,the Israelites were saved.

Jesus too as a bronze snake was lifted on the cross for us to live.

Whatever the energy house may be,the body of the statue represents or hard the material it was made of,the solution came on the cross.

The iron

The occurrence of iron is,when supernovas blast the last element to enter the earth is iron.

The kingdom represented is the Roman kingdom,they killed Jesus and they burned the temple to get its gold.

The iron is hard,it crushes and breaks things into pieces.

It represents the shackles and chains.

In the book of Job,it tells about the neck muscles are made of iron and the fore head of bronze.

The sky is mirrored with the cast bronze and the earth made of iron.

Iron is found in the blood of human

The spear or the pilium made in the Roman times were made of iron.So it pearced Jesus to give birth to the church.

It may be crushing all to pieces,but when it came on Jesus he turned over to be the church standing firm on a rock named Jesus 

The iron and clay

The feet of the statue was made of iron mixed with clay.

Iron may be the last element from the supernova,but the clay is from the erosion of the rock,from the ground.

The clay has plasticity,it can be moulded to shapes,when it's dry it becomes hard.

This kingdom is the only one mixing the supernova element with the ground element.

The bloody iron and the clay body comes together to have its new beginning by a rock.

As God Jesus is a God and man,he is the rock of our salvation.The rock may be a ground element ,but this rock is from above as it is lifted high,so it will come rolling ,dashing all the gold ,silver,bronze and iron into pieces.

For a new Jerusalem to descend from the heaven.

Remission to all this kingdom

Gold was presented to Jesus on his birth as a ruler of whole earth.

Silver was paid to judas to capture Jesus .

As a bronze serpent lifted in the wilderness Jesus was lifted up on the cross.

Iron as a weapon to pierce Jesus to give rise to a church.

Bloody iron and the clay man to meet Jesus the rock for a new beginning .

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